Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Four Hundred Seventy-Six Photos

Yesterday, I finished (sort of) editing photos from our trip to Paris. It seemed to take forever. Then, after I finished I discovered why. I have 476 photos. That is the curse of the digital age. And that number doesn't include the blurry ones or the ones where my eyes are closed, etc.

And the good/bad thing is that some of those photos were actually bad. But do to the wonders of modern computer programs, you can fix the bad photos. And I had several bad photos--due to 1. a cheap camera and 2. bad lighting--museums, cathedrals, etc., don't allow you to use flash. So when we got home, I downloaded the photo software, Lightbox (the free version of Sagelight).

Here are some results.

Here the lighting was so bad the ceiling looks dull. 
With the photo editor I was able to bring the photo in line with reality.
So what am I going to do with 476 photos? Clearly, I'm not going to print that many photos. I suppose I could put them on a disk and watch them on our television. We could torture our loved ones by making them sit through a presentation. My daughter, though she said it in kind words, basically told me that she'd be bored out of her skull if we made her sit through 476 photos. Hmm, a new parental threat, "Get those dishes done or you'll have to watch all of our Paris pictures, even the blurry ones. And remember how much I like ceiling vaulting--I got tons of ceiling pictures!"


  1. The photo editing project sounds like it could stretch on for years. But what a delightful way to go back, right? Save some of the photos to retouch for a gloomy November day when you need a lift. :-)

  2. Lovely work with the photo editing!

    I totally feel you. I never did post up all my photos from the East Euro trip I took last year because there were just TOO MANY. Not to mention, I had a camera, my sister had a camera, and my dad had one. I think we're somewhere around 2000-3000 photos. Yeesh!

  3. I keep all the thousands that we take on our trips because that's also the good thing with the storage. A hard drive is taking up the same space whether it has one photo or a zillion, so I keep them all and edit/use/share any that I want, whenever I want. I make folders for the "good" ones that I get printed or put onto CDs. Once they're deleted, they're gone and someday I may be sitting alone in my rocker, enjoying each and every photo and the memories they bring~

  4. Maybe have a family contest to choose the best 47 to get printed and put into an album? Divide and conquer, and put each family member in charge of so many. Then out of their top ten, have a family vote for the Best Photo, and that one gets put on the cover.

    Of course, that's assuming the kids could be bribed into finding such a thing interesting...

    You could always save the rest for maybe a future book cover or blog post or something. External hard drives are handy for "self-owned stock photos," as I call them.