Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dead-End Posts and Decking the Halls

Does any other blogger have this happen? You’re in the midst of a writing a blog post and suddenly it dies. Wherever the post was going originally, it took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. And the post lies like a dead cockroach in the middle of the living room floor. And you stare at the “cockroach” wondering if you should ignore it and hope your husband removes the carcass or get the broom and dust pan.

(In case you’re wondering, we do get the occasional dead roach body—my husband did pest control when he was in grad school, so he knows how to kill bugs other than to spray Raid. But it involves boric acid and wall joints, which “kills bug dead.” But when the weather gets cold and the bugs want a warmer place to live they crawl through the boric acid and die on the floor.)

Back to blog posts. I’ve never had a novel or short story die. But blog posts do. And usually they defy resurrection.

How do I cope? I usually yell out, “Who’s done something funny this week?” And everyone scowls at me. They don’t think they’re particularly funny.

According to the family, nothing funny has happened lately. Of course, there’s the Christmas music incident. Matthew wants to listen to Christmas music once school starts again. I do not. Really, really do not. Christmas music is under the ban until Thanksgiving is over—by January I’m ready to bang Rudolph against the wall. (Though I may make an occasional exception for Straight No Chaser’s Christmas CD, but only if I’m in an excellent mood.) In any case, Matthew chafes at my restrictions. So he found a way around it. (He’s clever that way.) He gathered up a ton of piano Christmas music and took it to music lessons. He said to his teacher (who is a massive Christmas fan), “I want to learn Christmas music”—this was back in the beginning of October!  She said, “Matthew what a wonderful idea!” And she assigned him a whole book of Christmas carols!! A whole book!

Now for an hour a day, I’m listening to Christmas music. I’m ready to Deck the Halls alright. Just not with boughs of holly. Next year, I’m hiding the Christmas music in a dark corner of the basement.


  1. That is very clever indeed! I'm in your camp though, Connie. I think it's ridiculous how early Christmas shows up these days - in October, really? The Christmas decorations are out next to the Halloween costumes?!

    I'm okay with maaaaaybe the signs of Christmas/Christmas music appearing in November, but October is TOO EARLY. There's a season called FALL and 2 other holidays (Halloween & Thanksgiving) that I'd like to enjoy first, thanks.

  2. I'm all for waiting till after Thanksgiving for Christmas to show up in stores...but I'm with Matthew on the music. I keep it on my mp3 player year-round. Since I keep it set on Random, one song might be Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight and the next one will be Walking in a Winter Wonderland. I love all the Christmas songs from carols to the novelties, so keep pounding the keys, Matthew!

  3. That was clever of him! Though a whole book of carols is definitely a lot of Christmas music to listen to for months . . .

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