Friday, January 14, 2011

Blizzard Emergency?

I’ve been patient. Really patient. But the current “snow crisis” is driving me crazy.  Yes, we had 8 inches of snow last Sunday night.  I get that most Southern towns have no snow equipment and even less knowledge of how to deal with snow, but the 8 inches have turned into an “extended blizzard holiday.”

Trash won’t be picked up until next Monday. Now I understand that there are probably some roads that aren’t passable work around those roads.  Most roads are drivable—I’ve been driving around the city for days without any problems.

Schools are cancelled for a week.  I understand that people are concerned about students slipping and injuring themselves.  But that’s why we have shovels, sand, and ice melt. (I know that most people don’t have snow shovels—we didn’t bring them with us when we moved down here.  But we used garden shovels.) I understand that people have slippery driveways. But again that’s why we have shovels, sand, and ice melt.  If your driveway is too long to shovel, park at the bottom and walk to your car (it’s what the rest of the snowy world does).

Packages won’t be delivered. Why? Apparently, it’s an emergency. I have a friend who wants to pick up his package at the UPS headquarters since the package has been in town all week.  They won’t let him—it’s an emergency.

Here’s another thing I don’t get.  Why on earth do people drive their cars/SUVs/trucks with snow and ice covering the top?  Is it the coolness factor? Or don’t they realize that it melts and becomes a serious hazard?  In many states failure to remove snow and ice from the top of your vehicle results in a hefty fine.  All you need to do is drive on the highways to find out why.  Huge sheets of ice and snow fly off your car and smash into the windshield of the car behind you. Very dangerous. Possibly deadly.

Now I hope you'll forgive this transplanted New Englander her rant; I do realize that most people thought that the snow and ice would melt. I think that people around here aren’t used to dealing with snow that sticks around.  Maybe next time it will be different.  After all, given global warming I’m sure there will be many more blizzards.


  1. Odie-

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  2. But it must be beautiful! Are the kids tired of making snowmen already? How about ideas from Calvin and Hobbs?

  3. You mean Snow Goons? Hmmm. . . it's a thought.

  4. I liked the Christmas Snow better. Just saying.

  5. Atlanta has been the same way! It's "driving" me crazy too.