Thursday, August 13, 2009

Narcissism Vs. World Domination

The other day I was reading a report by an Israeli psychologist claiming that President Obama was a narcissist. (Since the point of this is not politics, I’m not going to comment on whether or not he is—I’m not a psychologist and I don’t know the man. Nor will I speculate on what international issues might cause the Israelis to want to promulgate ideas of the president’s mental health. Is that enough disclaimers?) At any rate, I mentioned this fact to someone and found out that there’s a whole field of psychology devoted to presidents. And, I was told, that it’s classified under “Abnormal Psychology.”

Now this is curious to me. I wanted to know “why.” The person looked at me oddly and said, “Well, why would anyone want to be president? The stress, the pressure, the responsibility, etc.”
I had to scratch my chin. As a child, I toyed with the idea of wanting to be president. The power was always a major enticement for me. Maybe this is why, when I took the Lord of the Rings personality test, I came out as Sauron. (For those of you who don’t know, he’s the really, really bad guy.) I was hoping to come out as Goldberry, my favorite character in the novels. Everyone else in my family came out perfectly: Cal was Faramir, Luke was Beregond, Ariel was Sam, Jacob was Tom Bombadil, and Matt was Gimli. Surely, I could do better. I retook the test, altering my answers slightly and hoped I’d come out as Goldberry, or at least Eowen. But no! This time I came out as “The Dwarves.” Yep, I was an entire race.

Maybe I can take over the world. One of my dear friends came out as the Witch King. Together the world is ours. Bwahahaha! Watch out, Obama, narcissism’s got nothing on the hunger to dominate Middle Earth.

Beware the Eye!


  1. And, of course, Sauron is one of the Maia, so he could crush Obama by snaping his fingers. Sounds promising.

  2. My favorite character has to be Sam. I liked him in the books, and he was obviously awesome in the films as well. Heh heh.

    (Wait... Matthew was Gimli? Ha!!)

  3. I've been thinking about this and I just realized that the problem is that Sauron and Obama would get along quite well with each other. Except they would probably fight over who is in charge.