Monday, August 17, 2009

My Plan

I’m glad I went to college before the ubiquity of email. My daughter, who starts classes on Monday, got an email from one of her professors on Saturday. He sent the normal syllabus and class schedule, but he also included the first long reading assignment, which was due on the first day of class.

Gone are the halcyon days when you got to enjoy the last days before class started—rather like sipping the last of the summer wine. Instead, you get assigned the first two chapters of Corporate Accounting, a required classes for math majors since they need to learn how to manage the wealth they’ll acquire by majoring in something other than the humanities.

After reading the materials, Ariel came to me and tried to explain to me how to read a corporate accounting statement. I listened politely, but the truth is I don’t care. I hope and pray that I will never, ever have to read a corporate accounting statement. In fact, isn’t this why you send your children to college—so that they can learn to do things you can’t. Then you can mooch off their knowledge. That’s my plan.


  1. No, I think as long as your not majoring in math, you'll have halcyon days. If you major in math. . . well, you don't get halcyon days.

  2. What a sophisticated post. I had to look up the word. Maybe I'm just a dolt.

  3. Accounting isn't required for all mathematics majors. It's only required for Applied Mathematics majors who are doing a concentration in Actuarial Science.

    And corporate accounting probably would not be the most applicable thing in terms of personal finance. It's probably assigned in light of all the insurance companies actuaries would have to work with.

  4. It's also the plan of many other mother's out there. Great minds think alike...?