Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Call Me "Flo"

My kids have been sick. They’ve had nasty fevers, coughs, and aches. So I tried to be Florence Nightingale. I dosed medications, took temperatures, and even short order chef-ed, all the while reminding myself that I won’t be able to do this much longer. Soon they’ll be gone.

But I’m sure my kids think I’m a poor copy of Ms. Nightingale. I brought Kid One a bowl of steaming ramen. KO sipped a spoonful.
“Mom,” KO croaked, “did you make spicy chicken?”
Me: “Uh, yeah. I thought you like spicy chicken.”
KO: “This burns my sore throat.”
Me: “Sorry. What do you want me to do?”
KO: “I guess I could just eat the noodles.”
Me: “Sounds great.”

Kid Two: “Can you take my temperature?”
Me: “Sure. Put this under your tongue. And remember it takes a while.”
Some time later KT is groaning. I return. KT mumbles around the thermometer, asking if it’s been in his mouth long enough. I check the clock, swallow guiltily, and say, “Yep. Fifteen minutes will give a really accurate temperature.” Sorry, Kid Two.

Kid Three is older and less sick. And would prefer being left alone (not inundated with “drink this tea” and “take this Aleve”) and really would prefer not being mentioned on my Facebook updates. Sorry, Kid Three. Now all of my friends and our relatives know you’re sick.

Yep, I’m more like Flo than Florence Nightingale. But when they’re on their own and get sick, I’m betting they’ll miss Flo. 

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  1. Hi Connie!

    You have awesome kids. I've done the same thing with the thermometer. Whether or not that makes you feel better about your parenting skills is up to you. :)

    The TV show I'm talking about on my blog post is Alias. Enjoy!

  2. Flo is definitely better than nothing at all! :) Hope your kids feel better soon! I hate these rounds of colds. So annoying.

  3. Hilarious!

    My kiddo is sick too! Stomach virus. Bleh. I'll be Flo#2. LOL